Booking System 訂位系統

旺角/何文田店 Ho Man Tin 銅鑼灣店 Causeway Bay 沙田新城市店 Shatin New Town Plaza


Limited seats are reserved for booking purpose. If there is no preferable time slot found, you are welcome to come and walk in. Thanks for your support!

平日午市餐牌 Weekdays Lunch Menu (HMT & CWB 何文田及銅鑼灣) 晚市及假日餐牌 Dinner & Weekends Menu (HMT & CWB 何文田及銅鑼灣)

平日午市餐牌 Weekdays Lunch Menu (Shatin 沙田店) 晚市及假日餐牌 Dinner & Weekends Menu (Shatin 沙田店)